LOGIC school


We focus on training the mind through the study of the liberal arts and the great books.

We focus on training the heart through prayer, self-discipline and imitation of great men and women.


Students in grades five through nine will participate in a full day of block courses from 8:00am to 3:30pm. These classes are designed to build on the foundation laid in the Primary years, while focusing more in-depth on the four pillars of classical education: Latin, Classical Studies, Literature and Composition.

An energetic, qualified teacher will give all the instruction for the week, with moderate assignments to be completed at home by the student. All tests and grading will be given by the parent and sent in for the teacher to review.  The exception to this is Composition, where the teacher will mark final drafts.

All curricula is from Memoria Press, a simple, beautiful and affordable homeschool curriculum.  We encourage each family to take advantage of Memoria Press' full curriculum Packages; however, we only require usage of the curriculum needed for cottage school.

Students will choose their classes based on placement, prerequisites and grade level.  See our Tuition and Books tab for a Book List.

Scope and sequence

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