tuition and fees

Enrollment Fee must be submitted with an Admissions Application to reserve a student's seat.  

Tuition is due in full without exception. Tuition may be paid in monthly installments, Aug-May, and invoices will be sent out each month.

Books may be purchased at the Open House (free shipping) or through Memoria Press (please confirm your purchase with a Director). Books purchased through Highlands Summerville must be paid for by June 15th.

Payment options include:

1. Google Pay Send

Download the app or follow this link to pay using your debit card.  You will:

     1. Enter the Total Amount you wish to pay.

     2. Send Money To 

     3. In the Memo line, include the student's full name. 

     4. We will notify you when we have received the payment.

2. Automatic Bank Draft

Please let us know any information you need to set this up through your bank.

3. Check

Enrollment Fee and Book Order checks may be given to a Director at the Open House. Monthly tuition checks may be given to a Director at Cottage School. Please make checks payable to Highlands Latin Cottage School - Summerville