Tuition and Books (2023-2024)

Enrollment Fee - to secure seat, non-refundable

Returning Families:

  • Before March 1: $60/student
  • Before April 1: $50/family + $60/student for the first three students
  • After May 1: $100/family + $70/student for the first three students

New Families:

  • Before April 1: $75/family + $75/student for the first three students
  • After May 1: $100/family + $80/student for the first three students

Family Admin Fee

For all families: $10/month.  This is to help cover rising insurance and rental fees without having to raise tuition significantly.

Annual Tuition                                                                                 

$1500 for the first student ($150/month) *

$1400 for the second and third student in a family ($140/month) *

$375/course for upper level students taking courses a la carte.

$100/time block for upper level students taking study hall.

(Contact the director for tuition rates for fourth and fifth grade students in any one family.)

* Tuition may be paid in 10 monthly installments.
* Tuition may be paid in one lump sum with a discount of $100/student for the first three students.
* You will have the option to pay via check, bank draft, or credit card. (A credit card fee will be assessed based on the amount of the invoice.)

Enrollment indicates agreement to pay full annual tuition.  We hire teachers based on this commitment and rely on your honoring this commitment.


Purchased by the Family through Memoria Press

Current families may use the code under the current families page at checkout online or on the phone in order to receive a discount.

Required Books

Primary School Scope & Sequence

Grammar School Scope & Sequence

Logic School Scope & Sequence

Required Book List

Please email us with any questions!

We understand there are many great homeschooling options available in the Charleston area!  At Highlands, we aim to offer a quality and cost-competitive service for our families.  Many distinctions in the tutorial services listed below make it difficult to make an "apples to apples" comparison, but the following tuition comparison is offered simply to help in your research as you make educational decisions for your family. 

           Tutorial                       $/Hr

Classical Conversations          $5

SHEEP                                    $6

Highlands Summerville           $6

Veritas                                    $12

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