Recommended Reading

  • a defense of latin and classical education


    Great starter book!  A compilation of articles defending classical education and the importance of Latin in the curriculum. Includes articles from Tracy Lee Simmons, Cheryl Lowe, R. W. Livingstone, Charles E. Bennett, and E. D. Hirsch.

  • What is classical education?


    Click the picture to the left to find the answer to this question (and many more!) on Memoria Press' website. Written by Martin Cothran, this article gives an overview of Classical education and its differences from the modern classroom.

  • How Latin develops the mind


    Author of the popular Latin programs Latina Christiana, Lingua Angelica, and the First Form Latin series, Cheryl Lowe, discusses how any classical education must include Latin and how it develops the mind. Click the MP logo to the left to read this article.

  • climbing parnassus


    Want to dig deeper into Classical education? This book by Tracy Lee Simmons comes highly recommended.

  • the lost tools of learning


    Much of the modern resurgence of Classical education can be contributed to this Dorothy Sayers essay presented at Oxford in 1947. She discusses the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. A must read!

  • from achilles to christ


    Why should a Christian read the pagan classics? Louis Markos, one of the most exciting Christian writers today, explains how Homer, Hesiod, the Greek dramatists, and Virgil foreshadowed the Christian revelation. Markos joins his voice with that of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and G. K. Chesterton—not to mention St. Augustine—in arguing that a knowledge of the pagan classics not only does not undermine Christian belief, but bolsters it. Markos shows how the imaginations of these great classical writers both foreshadow and find their fulfillment in the Christian revelation.

  • the schools we need


    The Schools We Need and Why We Don't Have Them by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. is a passionate and thoughtful book that will appeal to those who can’t understand why America’s schools aren’t educating our children.